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Anchorage, AK 99508
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Our History

Assets Printing WorkerFor over 30 years Assets, Inc. has been helping Alaskans with disabilities live independently, form friendships and find good jobs. Our work brings meaning and ensures a diverse and stronger community. The organization was founded by determined parents and friends of individuals with disabilities, and for many years, was known as Alaska Specialized Employment and Training Services.

In 1980, Assets Printing, bindery and other in-house contracts provided employment opportunities for the initial 80 adults served by Assets. Today, Assets, Inc., is the 64th largest private employer in the State of Alaska, with a work force of over 400 employees, 42% of whom are individuals with disabilities. Each member contributes to the local economy and plays a valued role in the community.

Our Mission

To consistently improve the employment opportunities, home environments, and community connections of individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses who need substantial supports, so that their independence and self-worth are enhanced and the community in which they live and work realizes the benefits of their citizenship.